Successful requirements analysis and management are characterized by:

-Direct involvement of all stakeholders including users

-Requirements elicitation with the appropriate methods

-Early validation of requirements

-Prioritization and support of the release planning

-Link to change management processes

-Usage of appropriate tools.

An early analysis avoids high quality proofreading and reduced risks and costs. This creates space for more functionality.

Requirements and Systems Analysis

Agile and efficient requirements engineering with problem-adequate use of methods and tools is crucial for the usefulness, economic success in development costs and development time of a software system.

Systematic approach to the collection, modeling and testing of requirements is the basis of a successful requirements engineering. In an incremental-iterative process various techniques such as Active Stakeholder Participation, prototyping, Interviewing and UML are used.

The specification work is done in close cooperation with the users and other stakeholders, and reflects the respective view.

Requirements Engineering in model-based projects

System requirements are described both in text and in the form of models. In the model-based development of systems capturing requirements and specifications in models play a central role. We support you to describe your business processes and business applications with the help of domain-specific languages (DSLs).

Process Optimization

We help to improve the engineering process and coach your project team in dealing with the methods of analysis and requirements management.

Our consultants are characterized by very good communication skills and the safe use of survey techniques, analysis methods, presentation techniques and much more. Our analysts strengthen your team with experience on automotive and aerospace projects.

Your advantages at a glance:

Reducing the complexity of software products and solutions

Reduction of development costs and development time

Optimal planning and control of the entire process, Requirements Engineering

User-optimized software solutions

Simple requirements gathering and specification through plugins

Consistent and complete coverage of requirements

After changes continuously occurring in the course of the project