Test management, test automation, test equipment, test operation.
Systematic and process-oriented testing assures the quality

alaNEO offers comprehensive test management. We organize and control your test projects and teams and develop test strategies, test plans and test processes that suit you best.

We collect your requirements and develop a suitable test strategy that we specify and implement. This is followed by the test evaluation and issue tracking.
The reaction takes place in parallel with the entire product life cycle. We use the model until the production end, using appropriate methods and tools which we develop and configure individually for your needs. We use our own and existing methods for the test automation.

We set the appropriate test method, the appropriate test equipment and the appropriate test tools at every stage of development – from code modeling to continuous operation in all domains of the vehicle. The operation of the test systems can be done either at the customer site or in laboratories of our partners.

In addition to the management of tests we offer sound expertise in HiL test center operation for individual control units as well as control device ensembles. We perform HiL unit tests in various areas of the vehicle, for example in drive train, driving dynamics, interior and comfort systems.

Systematic and process-oriented testing of individual ECUs
Test Management and -operations for ECU testing

ECUs are tested systematically and process-oriented. Tests are available for control units from all domains. The tests we perform on HiL test are situated in the laboratory. Similar to testing ECU networks, we organize ECUs test projects and teams for individual test strategies, concepts and processes as well as the operational performance of the tests. The testing individual ECUs runs in close connection to the model and software testing.

Typical projects

Typically, we perform results-oriented test management and operations through the ECU suppliers or manufacturers. If necessary, with remote connections from other sites.

Systematic and process-oriented testing for the ECU network
Test Management and operations for integration testing

alaNEO tests the composite control devices in subsystems or domains, systematically and process-oriented. We test for you in the Body, infotainment, chassis, driver assistance systems and throughout the powertrain sector including hybrid drive.

We carry out the tests in the laboratory on HiL test benches and also carry out the responsibility for organization of the test projects and teams, as well as for the development of testing strategies, concepts and processes. The tests of ECU networks are being closely coordinated from the total vehicle tests.

Typical Projects

Typically, we perform results-oriented test management and operations, exemplified by the manufacturer of HiL test benches series. We are responsible for both the series development as well as production support, where we take the test and quality responsibility.