One of the core competencies of the Engineering of alaNEO is the field of mechanical engineering. With our experienced staff we are working already with renowned OEM and suppliers in the automotive and aerospace industry as well as for special machine constructions.

Our range includes everything from feasibility analysis and mechanical construction, over simulation right up to commissioning.
With our 15 designers, we develop for our customers tools for car body, aggregates for combustion engines or housing for control

To guarantee the success of your progress, our experienced team of tool designers can develop the progression die tools sets you need for your component. This range of services begins with a discussion of the design, to ensure that your individual wishes are carried out.

Whether your interest is an individual follow-on progression die tool or in high capacity tools for cross bar presses, our team can carry out your ideas. In addition, we can draw up a flow plan for you to guarantee a smooth production process. Following this, we construct production-oriented, 3D solid designs of individual tools or tools sets in Catia V5, with derived parts lists and the corresponding documentation. Once a design has been created, it is checked by means of kinematic, motion simulation, to rule out any risk of collision. We are also happy to produce 2D-ISO views, drawings and detailing. It makes no difference to us whether your component is made of simple steel, dual phase steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Our capacity and skills mean that we are in a position to design several tool sets at one and the same time.

Our Range of Services:

-Tool and Mold Construction
-Mechanical Integrity
-Deasibility Analysis
-Process Analysis
-Stress Analysis
-Thermal Analysis
-Vibration Analysis-
-Design Review
-Part Mechanization
-Project Management

Reference Projects:

-LED lightning System
-Tire Pressure Monitoring System
-Fender Panel
-Motor Aggregates
-Flight Control
-Cooling System

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