It is a system of integrated sensors, actuators and smart control units to monitor buildings. With our system, it is possible to transform every building into smart building. Our intelligent home management system is designed to control and monitor devices in our home which are part of our daily life. We have developed easy and convenient system to control these devices from home or remote. Data is continuously collected by the devices to increase the level of security against incidents such as fire, flood, burglary. The system includes,

  • Residential Security System (Fire-Burglar-Panic Button)
  • Lighting Automation
  • Heating Automation
  • Refrigeration Automation
  • Pool and Sauna Control
  • Housing Security System
  • Land space magnetic contact, motion detectors, smoke/fire detectors
  • Fire-protected areas; relay-based heat and protection with smoke detectors

MesfeRAY is an automated sterilizing machine which can be used in any malls and shopping centers to provide virus/bacteria free shopping experience. It can kill 99.99% of microbes using Ultraviolet Light.

  • Quick and Effective Sterilization

The System consists of 5 amalgam UV lamps and rotational reflector technology to effectively distribute UV-C output to the surroundings to inactivate and kill microorganisms on the surface of objects. The technology provides an easy, fast, environmentally-safe and low maintenance operation for the operator throughout the lifetime of the product.

  • Kills Bacteria and Viruses

MesafeRAY is clinically proven with capability of eradicating more than 99.99% of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and pathogens within 30 seconds.

  • Environmental Safety and Quality Care

MesafeRAY disinfection machine emits no ozone and leaves no residuals so it is completely ecofriendly. It not only improves the environmental hygiene, but also protects people cross infection. It is quite convenient to reduce the spread of Covid-19.


“Keep it simple!” Unsuitable and complicated processes lead to a paralyzing bureaucracy or processes being applied incorrectly or incompletely. As a result, accountability and change are less transparent. We specialize in partnering with you to create workflows that are so transparent and centered that everyone involved understands and supports them. In fact, good processes immediately increase effectiveness, quality, reuse and motivation.

Once your specific product/idea is reflected, our employees understand who is specifically responsible for which tasks. The team members work efficiently and on time to achieve the results that are expected of them. The experts receive the right input for their tasks promptly. This increases motivation and saves costs. Project progress and conformity to standards become visible.

Automotive SPICE® is the world’s leading standard for evaluating the development of software-controlled systems in automobiles.

ASPICE is used as:

  • Metrics for measuring (and comparing) process performance.
  • Benchmark: What you should take as a reference for the competition.
  • Guide: What you should establish to improve your skills.
  • Collection of Best Practices for the Automotive Industry.
  • International standard: proven, established worldwide.

NEObist is an ecofriendly design which is intended for city transportation. Our hybrid eBike is the perfect way to avoid traffic jams in a congested city. Saddle up and reach your destination safely and stress-free with the benefit of electrical support and a comfortable seating position. Our City eBikes are also equipped with everything you would need for riding in the city. NEObist is designed based on the EN 15194 European Standard ensuring your safety and quality of the product.


  • Max 25km/hr
  • 250-Watt hub motor
  • 8000 mah battery
  • Charging Duration 4-6 hours (Can be charged overnight)